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Around Azeroth: A parting shot


"It can be hard, sometimes, to not ascribe emotions or feelings to pixels in a video game," writes submitter Gimmlette. "If the designers have truly done their job, we will have an emotional connection to an NPC or an event; a connection not of the 'OMG! They're changing everything!' sort. Vol'jin being announced as leader of the Horde is something that produced emotion.

Spectacular Death (A-Llane) did an event where they went around the world killing the bosses their raid leader, Tarsan, wanted to see die. He's stepping down, as the Army is sending him to Belgium, which will make leading raids a bit frustrating. So a bunch of us cleared some raids up to the final boss. We killed a boss and then moved on. One of those was Kil'Jaeden in Sunwell. With 18 guild members, KJ didn't last very long. A number of people had never seen him and I think his arrival is one of the best boss arrivals in the game. We offed him in about three and a half minutes.
I take a lot of screenshots of guild events and this was no different. Here, KJ is being pulled back into the Sunwell. That's Tarsan to the right. Shoulders on fire, KJ is struggling to stay outside, to not be consumed. It's just a game, but this photo struck me. Is he thinking of lost causes? Is he thinking of his imprisonment and doom?>After he disappeared, we started wondering; Warlords is about the draenei and the orcs. Burning Crusades brought us blood elves and their story. Will they figure into Warlords at any time?

And finally, the answer to the unspoken question is no. Thori'dal did not drop. That would have been a great stepping down gift."

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