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Corning thinks sapphire displays are trash


With the rumor mills whipping up a storm around some alleged sapphire displays for the next iPhone(s), you can imagine that Corning -- the company that makes the Gorilla Glass displays Apple has been using for a while now -- is a bit nervous. As you might expect, Corning's opinion of the new display material that could usurp its own offering is less than glowing. In fact, to show just how inferior sapphire is, Corning produced a comparison video.

Well that certainly didn't make sapphire look like a viable replacement, but as this test was carried out by Corning, it's entirely possible that any material that would make it into an Apple device would perform significantly better.

There's also the matter of scratches, which doesn't appear to be addressed in Corning's video. Sure, a few hundred pounds of pressure on the screen is one thing, but how often is an iPhone subjected to that kind of treatment in the real world? The greater danger has always been scratches, and if my own iPhones are any indication of durability, Gorilla Glass is about as scratch resistant as a potato.

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