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UK's major carriers want to end mobile deadspots in England's National Parks

Matt Brian, @m4tt

Whether you live in, work in or are just visiting one of England's National Parks, you may soon be able to take advantage of better mobile signal. The UK's four major carriers have extended their partnership with National Parks England to deliver better connectivity while protecting the environment and picturesque views in 10 parks across the country. Under the terms of the new accord, the Mobile Operators Association (which represents EE, O2, Vodafone and Three) will allow the sharing of mobile masts, sites and "any other technical advances," keeping development in rural areas to a minimum. It also covers the provision of 4G networks, which could be a boon for the 330,000 people living in England's National Parks, as they have the potential to reach places that broadband connections can't.

[Image credit: Brecon Beacons NPA]

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