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Joystiq Streams: The Long Dark boards the Mid-Summer Terror Train [UPDATE: Relive the stream!]

A strange thing happens when you're in real, honest-to-goodness wilderness. When the sun goes down and there's no artificial light, one of two things happens: either you go to sleep, or you're shocked wide awake after realizing how very dark, how very quiet, and how very big the world is. The Long Dark by Hinterland Studio is a new post-apocalyptic survival game in a land of many, but it distinguishes itself by tapping into that vein of instinctual unease. It's a game about when the world gets dark and quiet.

Day two of the Mid-Summer Terror Train starts at 4PM EST on with The Long Dark. Hinterland's Raphael van Lierop will be on hand to talk about the game with Anthony John Agnello and Richard Mitchell.

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