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    Flavourit for iPhone is a good-looking, digital recipe book


    Flavourrit is a new recipe management app for iPhone that lets you quickly and easily create and store recipes as attractive, interactive cards that are searchable by title, ingredients and up to 46 subcategories.

    The beautiful app makes it easy to see exactly which ingredients are needed and when. Well-designed, assignable icons illustrate the various cooking methods, so there's less text to get lost in. From a glance you can see what action needs to take place next. For example, a knife indicates chopping, while a mixer means all ingredients are to be mixed together. Of course, if you do need to add / see additional text, tap a button and the text appears next to the ingredients as per the stage you're at in the recipe.

    Once the necessary ingredients and methods have been collected, the app encourages you to take a photo of the completed dish, making it easy to find later.

    Adding recipes to Flavourit can feel a little cumbersome, but taking the time to do so accurately -- as well as a bit of time getting used to how the app works -- produces elegant, straight-forward recipes that can be shared via Facebook or as digital photos via email, text or printing.

    Flavourit has an in-app purchase that adds a shopping list feature and eliminates pop-up ads. Finally, as a version 1.0 app, Flavourit isn't as buttery-smooth as it could be. At times, I found myself having to repeatedly tap and swipe at things to get the desired result. Hopefully, updates will produce a more reliable experience. Despite these niggles, Flavourit is a great place to start.

    Have a look at Flavourit in action in the video below.

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