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ArcheAge begins beta with one million sign-ups [Updated]


The world is ready and eager for ArcheAge's beta program, as evidenced by the million-plus sign-ups on the site. The first closed beta event started today and will continue through July 21st.

"We're also happy to announce today that over one million of you have already joined our community of ArcheAge supporters, even before the first beta event began!" Trion Worlds posted today. In fact, the beta launched to far more players than Trion anticipated, prompting the studio to open up two new servers to handle the demand.

To bring the Korean MMO overseas, Trion has translated two million words, set up technical infrastructure, and localized quests. The closed beta event will feature the version 1.2 patch for both North America and Europe.

The studio also published a new producer's letter today:

We're thrilled to be starting ArcheAge's first Closed Beta Event today!
Your support has been absolutely overwhelming – We're truly humbled by your dedication to not just the best sandbox of 2014, but the best MMO of 2014, in such massive numbers.

We're also happy to announce today that over one million of you have already joined our community of ArcheAge supporters, even before the first Beta event began!
As ArcheAge is Trion's first MMO partnership, it's been an exciting and educational journey to get here. We have translated around 2 million words, localized a ton of quests, extended our international infrastructure and opened it to a partner for the first time, and more. We've spent untold hours getting everything ready for you. All while working closely with XLGAMES to customize ArcheAge to better suit the Western audiences.

Players who are new to ArcheAge will get to experience its uniquely customized Version 1.2 for the first time on our Beta servers in both North America and Europe.
With this version, we bring you updated combat balance, improvements to the economic game of ArcheAge, and a host of great new features. In ArcheAge you can create a farm and breed native animals for unique mounts, build a ship and travel the high seas to trade in your goods for coin, make a name for yourself crafting the best gear in the game, stalk and slaughter your fellow players, or build your own castle on Auroria!

Our first Closed Beta Event, "A Brighter Age," starts today, and continues on through Monday, July 21st. This is just the first of our Closed Beta Events! We'll have events during the week as well as overlapping weekends. We'll have specifics closer to each event, as the results of a given event will affect the schedule.

Please do keep in mind – There's real testing going on during these Closed Beta Events! This isn't "just a marketing beta." We're evaluating gameplay as well as infrastructure during these events, and we'll be following up with an online survey at the conclusion of beta to collect even more of your thoughts. It's important for us that you tell us how the game plays and feels! We take your feedback in combination with performance data from the game itself, and review it all in partnership with XLGAMES with a goal of constantly improving, to ensure the game is as good as possible for you when it goes live later this year!

We're all very excited to see you all on the servers today and through the weekend!

The Trion Worlds ArcheAge Team

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