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Rumor Roundup: 'Better reliability than most Chinese sites'


This is the first functional iPhone 6 clone (BGR)

From the article: "What the available pictures seem to indicate is that the model is not a genuine iPhone 6 handset." Then why, exactly, should we give anything even remotely approaching a damn about this?

Apple's new PR chief may be former White House Press Secretary Jay Carney, report says (AppleInsider)

Interesting, if true. Too bad it isn't; according to an actually well-connected insider, Jim Dalrymple, "Tim Cook has never even met Jay Carney."

Chinese report claims iWatch to come in three models, sapphire and non-sapphire varieties (9to5 Mac)

9to5 Mac claims the source for this complete non-story, Economic Daily, "has had better reliability than most Chinese news sites." I'll use a well-worn phrase from Wikipedia here: [citation needed]. Personally, I can't recall a single rumor this site has put out this year that's been proven true, which puts it on par with the rest of the Chinese "news" sites making grandiose claims about Apple.

Rumor: Apple solves alleged 'iPhone 6' battery issues with new supplier (AppleInsider)

Speaking of terrible Asian news "sources," here's Taiwan's Economic Daily News with some drivel about the next-gen iPhone's battery. Apparently Apple was having problems getting batteries manufactured for the next iPhone, but some new manufacturing partner has been brought in, blah blah blah et cetera. We hear the same story every year about some component or another.

12.9-inch iPad Pro reportedly still very much in the picture (BGR)

And here's the same terrible Asian news source yet again resurrecting the stupid claims about a larger-screened "iPad Pro" that's supposedly launching later this year.

From the article: "Apple has been rumored to test different display sizes for next-generation iOS tablets, but they're yet to be confirmed." Yes. That's because if they'd been confirmed, they wouldn't be rumors anymore. How do you not know how this works?

Rumor: Samsung to take over Apple A-series chip production from TSMC in 2015 (AppleInsider)

TSMC hasn't even been confirmed to be producing chips for Apple in the first place, in spite of four years worth of rumors, but we're already hearing that Samsung will replace TSMC next year. Sure, whatever. Sounds totally legit, especially since this report is cited from some analyst from KGI.

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