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Japan's white Destiny PS4 is that little bit prettier


Like in the West, Sony is releasing a shiny white PS4 bundle in Japan for Bungie shooter Destiny. The difference is that Japan's system is a smidgen cooler thanks to the addition of a laser-etched faceplate bearing the game's logo - pretty swish, I'd say.

It's interesting to see Japan getting these PS4 faceplate bundles while there's been no sign of them across the ocean. Sony revealed another one for The Last of Us this week - you can check that one out below the break, but it's not doing it for me, big-time. We saw another last week for - of all things - Disney musical film Frozen, while ones for Metal Gear Solid 5: Ground Zeroes and Final Fantasy 14 are already in Japanese homes.

So, would you like to see the faceplates released over here? For now, only Japan's getting the TLOU-plated PS4 on August 21, while the Destiny system checks in on September 11.

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