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Soon Shine to tap out ghosts on the Wii U eShop

Being attacked by a relentless flood of ghosts can be a bit of a hassle, but when they're susceptible to a good tap and you're armed with a stylus, there's a pretty promising way out of the situation. Wii U owners can start containing the problem when Soon Shine reaches the eShop for $1.99, with developer Dahku Creations planning on a mid-August launch for the Americas.

Soon Shine is a score-driven challenge played with just the GamePad's touch screen. While players handle incoming spirits, they'll need to switch between the powers of the sun and moon by flipping the medallion the ghosts are advancing toward. Judging by the above trailer, certain types of ghosts seem to be stalled depending on which side of the medallion is showing. There are powerup-esque tokens to be purchased and used as well.

If only we could control the sun and moon in real life. McDonalds would only ever serve breakfast, we'd never have to wait for games to come out, and we would undoubtedly break the integral, orbit-related laws of our galaxy.
[Image: Dahku Creations]

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