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Xbox 360 Titanfall pilots will be Marked for Death on July 21

Late is better than never, a rule that will be reaffirmed for Titanfall's Xbox 360 pilots when the Marked for Death mode sets its sights on the console this week. The Titanfall Twitter account tweeted a July 21 arrival date, which is just enough time to string Monday night plans together with your friends and potential targets.

If you've yet to try it, Marked for Death hangs a literal target above one member of each team, leaving the remaining members to protect their singled-out pilot while trying to off the other team's. A marked player's target can always be seen, so pilots have a general sense of where to find their prey. Killing a marked pilot earns a point for your team and places the target above different pilots for the next round.

Marked for Death started singling out players a few weeks ago on Xbox One in an update that also added 14 burn cards and Titan insignias.
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