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Destiny Ghost Edition pulling a vanishing act from retailers

S. Prell, @SamPrell

Enjoying the Destiny beta? Hopefully not so much that you feel persuaded to place a pre-order for the game's Ghost Edition, because UK retailer GAME is just about sold out, according to a recent tweet made by the store's official account. PS4 versions of the Ghost Edition are still available to our friends across the pond, but Xbox One copies are, shall we say, somewhat phantasmal.

If you're living stateside, your options aren't much better; Amazon, GameStop and Best Buy are no longer offering the collector's edition for North America customers, though none of the above have made an announcement like GAME has.

If you're looking to augment your Destiny experience, the Limited Edition, which includes a steelbook case, folio and in-game bonus content still seems to be available. Still, it looks like the Letter of Introduction, Golden Age Relics and Ghost replica afforded by the Ghost Edition will be but myth to many. Oh well, at least we'll always have the moon.
[Image: Activision]

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