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Apple releases iOS 8 beta 4 with new "Tips" app


Apple earlier today released the fourth iOS 8 beta which can be downloaded over the air or via Apple's developer website. While specific iOS beta releases aren't always all that noteworthy, the latest iOS 8 beta includes a Tips app that provides users with, you guessed it, handy tips and tricks for making the most out of iOS.

Apple, in conjunction with the new app, has a new page on its website titled "iOS Tips and Tricks" for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. The list of tips isn't extensive in the slightest, but we imagine Apple will flesh this out in a major way in the coming weeks.

As for the Tips app itself, some of the Tips tutorials include how to send voice notifications and how to to use iOS 8's new interactive notifications. For all you seasoned iOS users out there, I have some bad news; Tips is a default iOS app that can't be removed.

To get a better idea as to the type of tips the app provides, AppleInsider put together a short and sweet collection of screenshots of the app. Here for example is a tip for the Mail app.

Aside from Tips, the fourth installment of the iOS 8 beta includes the usual assortment of performance improvements and design tweaks, including a slightly redesigned Control Center.

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