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Marked 2.3 arrives in the Mac App Store


Marked 2 has finally hit the Mac App Store. Previously only available via developer Brett Terpstra's website, the update has now officially replaced the original Marked in the Store. Version 2.3 introduces a number of new features to the preview app for markup languages.

The update adds sandboxing across both the Mac Store and direct downloaded versions of the app. It also includes the ability to select a section of text and determine how many sentences it contains. Users also gain a new URL handler, improved PDF exporting, and keyword highlighting. GitHub users will enjoy the new support for GitHub Flavored Markdown which can handle fenced code blocks, line break preservation, and automatic hyperlinking.

Best of all the app is on sale through the end of July, currently running at the discounted price of $9.99. Head over to the Mac App Store to grab a copy before the price goes back up.

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