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Artist uses over-sized pixels to keep an eye on London's pedestrians


Folks strolling past the Welcome Collection's venue in London may have an eery feeling that they're being watched. Well, that's because they are. And not just by a government's prying eyes, but with 650 over-sized pixels that render their own set of gazing peepers. Peter Hudson's Eye Contact is on display in the buildings front windows, observing the passers-by all day long with ocular footage from nearly 70 volunteers. At night the eyes close for rest -- unless a set of sensors detect the occasional nocturnal pedestrian. The installation is meant question our reliance on digital screens and the manner in which they influence interaction. "Eyes are both a symbol of perception and an instantly recognizable human feature, so by presenting them through a heavily pixellated video display, I'm challenging the usually fluid process of recognition," Hudson explained. Londoners can expect for the screens to keep watch on them for the next year.

[Photo credit: Peter Hudson]

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