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Apple faces California class-action suit over alleged labor violations


Apple is facing yet another class-action lawsuit, this time from a group of employees in the State of California. The suit was filed initially in 2011 by four people who worked in Apple's retail and corporate operations, alleging that the company violated California Labor Code by not providing "timely" meal and rest breaks or final paychecks. On Monday, the suit was certified as a class action, which widens the pool of potential plaintiffs significantly.

The case documents (embedded below) show that the accusations range from working for five hours without a break to being released with a 72-hour notice period and getting a final paycheck two days late after the end of that period.

No demand has been made for settlement at this time, but it could prove to be costly for Apple. TUAW sister site TechCrunch reached out to Tyler Belong, a lawyer with San Diego-based Hogue & Belong, who noted that "Apple now faces claims of meal period, rest period and final pay violations affecting approximately 20,000 current and former Apple employees."

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