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I searched for all 74 of the stickers in Apple's new ad so you don't have to


Putting stickers on your MacBook is cool. I know this because the majority of you told me you're totally cool with it in a recent poll. Oh, and also because Apple just ran a TV ad showing just how amazing your MacBook can look with a little bit of vinyl applied.

If you saw something you liked on that fast-moving ad, you're in luck because I did the legwork of searching for every funky sticker that made an appearance. Well, ok, not every sticker -- I ignored the section of the ad with the generic music stickers -- but every sticker you probably care about. All 74 of them.

Not every sticker Apple shown is actually available for purchase... anywhere. Others are clearly inspired by decals you can buy, but they're not exactly the same. Apple definitely fabricated some of these specifically for the ad itself, but others are available for you to buy right this minute.

I've listed all of them, and noted their status. If there is a sticker similar to the one shown in the commercial, I've linked it. If not, I've linked an alternative for most that has a similar theme. Enjoy.

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