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Pay attention, 007, Persona Q arrives on November 25


Persona Q, the 3DS spin-off which isn't a tribute to James Bond's gadgets man, hits North America on November 25. The release date arrives courtesy of a new trailer re-featuring the game's opening movie, providing you with the perfect excuse to let your heart melt as you re-watch Kanji hugging Koromaru - it just might be too adorable.

Persona Q brings together the characters of Persona 3 and Persona 4, but it also brings in mapping elements from the Etrian Odyssey series. While that may be an unknown quantity to Persona fans, the story will make them feel right at home: It all takes place at a parallel version of Yasogami High School, one that's home to a dark, foreboding tower. The word on the parallel street is anyone who hears the tower bell ring out is certain to die. Naturally, our chibi-fied Persona team sets off to investigate.

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There's no confirmation of a release date for Europe, but this week's news gives plenty of credence to the November 28 listing on NIS America's Euro-store.

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