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Want to download old iPhone firmware? Here's where to find it


Do you miss your old firmware? Do you have an old device that for some reason you want to run like it's 2009? Well iOS fans, you are in luck. The folks over at TechArrival have compiled a list of download links to original iPhone iOS firmware files for every firmware version.

Take a walk down memory lane with the iOS 2.0.0 for the 2G, and then see what 2.1.0 was like. Maybe you've gotten sick of iOS 7 and want to move back in time to iOS 6. Maybe you'll realize things aren't so bad with your current firmware version. We're not here to judge - tt's your phone.

If you're downloading the firmware in Safari make sure to turn off the auto unzip feature so the files aren't extracted. Head over to TechArrival and enjoy.

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