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Out of nowhere, 3D Realms teases return of Major Stryker


In the most unexpected news you'll read today, publisher 3D Realms appears to be planning the return of Major Stryker, assuming a vague, 38-second YouTube clip is to be believed.

For those who don't keep meticulous tabs on the minor shareware hits of 1993, Major Stryker was a 2D, MS-DOS-exclusive vertical shooter that dropped players into the boots of the titular Major as he soared through the skies blasting enemies and collecting power-ups. At debut Major Stryker received middling reviews and the game was released as freeware in 2006.

What 3D Realms has planned for the archaic shooter is unknown - the only reason we know the above teaser is even related to Major Stryker is the video's title and its catchy music - but the tweet accompanying this footage urges fans to "Get Ready for August!" If you'd rather not wait, you can download Major Stryker from 3D Realms' website.
[Image: 3D Realms]

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