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This funky looking ball is going to help you sleep


There are already too many sleep apps on the App Store to count, and they all claim to do pretty much the same things: Sense your sleep patterns, wake you at the optimal time, and chart your sleep trends. A new Kickstarter project by a company called "Hello" may make them all obsolete, with a pair of accessories that work along with your iPhone to track just about every possible bit of information related to your nighttime habits.

It's called Sense, and it's already quadrupled its original $100,000 goal with a further 28 days of fundraising left. The Sense system is made up of an app, a central unit that remains stationary on your nightstand, and the "Sense Pill" that clips on to your pillow. Between the three devices, Sense tracks movement, noise, humidity, temperature, ambient light, and even air particles that could be keeping you from getting a good night's rest. The main unit also has a proximity sensor, speaker, and LED lighting.

Ignoring the fact that the primary Sense device looks like a rubber band ball -- or maybe one of those weird, spherical aliens from Futurama -- the Sense system seems like it takes just about every conceivable piece of sleep science into account. Even at the discounted Kickstarter price of US$99, it's certainly a bit of an investment, but if you've gone through a half dozen sleep tracking apps with little or no success, it might be time to take things more seriously.

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