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eBay sold almost $2 billion in Apple products last year alone


Apple just announced its earning results for the third quarter of their 2014 fiscal year, but it is not the only one raking in cash via sales of its products. According to information acquired by Computer World, eBay also is profiting, selling almost $2 billion in Apple products in 2013 in the U.S. alone.

What's interesting is where the two company's sales diverge: iPod sales, for example, only account for 1% of Apple's sales, while they make up 7% of eBay's total sales of Apple products. The biggest earner for both companies when it comes to Apple hardware, however, is the iPhone, accounting for 55% of eBay's sales and 53% for Apple.

eBay mostly profited off Apple products that are in the obsolete or retired hardware department. Thanks to sales in the "Mac Laptop, All" category, the retailer was able to earn $161 million from legacy PowerBook, iBook, and PowerPC Macs. When it comes to selling old tech gear, eBay is still a powerful force in the market.

For Computer World's complete coverage of eBay's Apple numbers, head over here.

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