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Engadget Daily: credit card skimming, floating 'Star Wars' holograms and more!


Today, we investigated the tech behind credit card skimming, looked at floating 3D video, learned about next gen lithium ion batteries and checked our Uber passenger ratings. Read on for Engadget's news highlights from the last 24 hours.

What you need to know about card skimming

Let's face it, credit card fraud is much more commonplace than we like to imagine. But even worse, thieves need only a few cleverly concealed gadgets to pull it off. Read on for more information about how to identify hijacked ATMs and keep your monies safe.

Russia offers a $110,000 bounty if you can crack Tor

Remember Edward Snowden's favorite browser called Tor? Well, Russia is offering a $110,000 to anyone who can successfully crack it. As long as you work for the Russian government, that is.

Floating 3D video shows 'Star Wars' holograms are closer than we think

It might not be as iconic as Princess Leia's Star Wars debut, but the space probe you're looking at is an incredibly realistic "360-degree video object." And it can be viewed from any angle in the room.

Next-generation lithium cells will double your phone's battery life

All too familiar with the woes of short battery life? Thanks to researchers at Stanford, next-gen lithium batteries will be able to hold twice the charge of their predecessors.

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