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Live Look: Gods Will Be Watching

Gods Will Be Watching, the new adventure game from Spain's Deconstructeam and publisher Devolver Digital, doesn't like you. It has absolutely no problem telling you very quickly just how much it doesn't like you. Across the science-fiction parable's six diverse chapters, just one wrong decision on how to help protagonist Sergeant Burden survive can result in multiple deaths. You will die, the dog will die, a robot will be wrenched apart for parts. The game is so demanding that Joystiq thought a primer looking at the first two chapters of the game might be helpful.

Here's an overview of how to come close to completing the first chapter of the game and also a demonstration of how quickly things can go south in its fraught hostage situation. At the end is a quick sample of the game's second chapter, in which you have to survive brutal torture. Good times!
[Images: Deconstructeam]

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