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Rust dev's next game is arcade shooter Riftlight


Rust developer Facepunch Studios recently revealed its next game, an arcade shooter called Riftlight. The brightly colored game will feature light RPG and looting elements, so players will constantly battle their way through stages and fend off enemies, like giant space squids, to improve their ships and abilities.

The developer has three different ship classes planned for the game with varying talents: The traditional Ranged ship, the magical Caster class and the non-shooting Melee class. Riftlight will feature online cooperative multiplayer, in which players can "fly around and kill stuff with 2 or 3 people," and is already playable in its current prototype form. Facepunch wants the game to revolve around randomized level layouts, sections and missions to boost the game's replayability, so that players can charge through the same areas a number of times to collect new items.

Riftlight will be playable with either a mouse and keyboard or a gamepad, and while the Rust developer appears to be sticking to PC, there's no mention of any other expected platforms for the game. Though it's full of placeholder artwork, a brief prototype video of the game can be found on its announcement blog. Facepunch Studios is led by Garry Newman, the creator of Garry's Mod, the popular Source engine-based physics sandbox. Garry's Mod earned Newman over $30 million as of February, though Newman noted that Rust sales have surpassed that of the sandbox mod.

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