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Office for iPad update brings a slew of top-requested features


When Office finally launched on the iPad four months ago it was a blessing for iOS converts with loyalties to Microsoft. Still, like every launch title, the app suite wasn't perfect. Today Microsoft has released an update that they hope will help fill in some of Office for iPad's biggest deficiencies.

Up first is the addition of Presenter view for PowerPoint. Now when giving a presentation in PowerPoint on another screen your iPad will show your notes, what slide is coming up next, and other presentation details. In addition users can now embed videos and sound recordings directly from PowerPoint for iPad, or insert video from their Camera Roll. Microsoft has also added a new eraser and pen function to allow for on the go annotations while making presentations.

Excel has been enhanced with PivotTables, easier grid navigation, and keyboard short cuts. Thanks to the new update users can now sort, filter, expand or collapse, refresh, and show details of PivotTable data contacted within a workbook. These new PivotTable features also include customization options for visual style and layout. Grid navigation has been simplified with a new flick feature that allows you to grab a selection handle and then flick up or downwards. Your flick will select everything from your selection until the next blank cell, making it easier to manipulate large chunks of data between books quickly. Finally Excel is getting keyboard support complete with Excel's existing keyboard shortcuts. They've even added a new one, CTRL+2, to allow users to quickly switch between modes.

There are also additions that have been made across the suite. Export to PDF has now been added to the sharing menu of all Office apps, and is available for everyone to use; even if you don't have a 365 subscription. Image editing within Office apps has also been improved. Now when you tap on an image you are presented with Crop and Reset options, allowing you to quickly scale images or undo your scaling with ease. Finally Office now supports third party fonts, including AnyFont. Simply install the font of your dreams to your iPad and get to writing.

You can find Microsoft Office for iPad right now in the App Store.

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