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TUAW TV Live: The Final Episode


Well, it's come down to the last episode of TUAW TV Live. The show began back in December of 2009 and has pretty much been on the air every week, except for those times I was out of the country somewhere and didn't have a co-host.

A lot of TUAW readers have been asking why we're getting rid of the podcasts, and the reason is simple: the shows have just never, with the exception of the Daily Update, had enough viewers or listeners to support themselves. A highly-focused blog like TUAW survives on one thing -- page views -- and in order to keep providing you with the best in Apple news, we need to keep our attention on what it is that makes revenue. This is a business, not a hobby, so we're constantly tweaking what we're working on in order to keep people gainfully employed.

You will see some new and exciting things coming from TUAW in the very near future, some of which I can't divulge right now. We're looking at taking the Daily Update to a short video format soon in order for it to generate revenue right off the bat as part of the AOL On Network. And you'll certainly be seeing and hearing your favorite TUAW bloggers on other podcasts; just not any that are hosted by our site.

To watch today's last show, just click on that play button below at around 5 PM ET and the stream should start right up. For even more fun, be sure to sign into the Chatroll tool below the video and join in the discussion.

As I said after Sunday's final TUAW Talkcast show, "So long, and thanks for all the fish".

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