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WWE Network heading to 170 new countries next month


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Fans of professional wrestling seem to be enjoying WWE's new online network. The company announced during its most recent earnings report that it has 700,000 subscribers to date, which is a pretty great sum given the service's mere five-month existence, a relatively young history. But WWE doesn't want to stop there, and it plans to keep expanding its digital channel to more places. To do just that, WWE Network will be arriving in 170 new countries next month, on August 12th, including Australia, Hong Kong, Mexico, Singapore, Spain and the Nordic region. In addition to those, WWE revealed its video service is also headed to China, Germany, Japan, India, Italy, Malaysia, Thailand and UAE, but that further details about this won't be shared until later on. So, are you one of the subs? Let us know in the comments below, or feel free to hit up our forums and spark up a conversation about the WWE Network.

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