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Share iconic movie quotes with Quotacle's GIF maker

Zach Honig

We love a great idea, but when it doesn't pan out as expected, it's easy to get really bummed out. Today's poorly executed great idea is called Quotacle, a web database of hundred of movies (not a typo) that lets you pull up choice quotes and export a GIF. That all sounds great, beyond the limited library, but each clip is far longer than it needs to be, resulting in a low resolution, yet very large file that dramatically minimizes the impact of an otherwise punchy quote. We took the liberty of cleaning up the Anchorman bit seen above, which just wasn't effective at the 11 seconds you'll find on Quotacle. Still, the site's a decent resource for pulling up random flicks, and you can download an MP4 version instead and handle the GIF building on your own.

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