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    Clima is a compact and useful weather app

    Mel Martin

    Clima (U$0.99) packs a lot of information into a deceptively simple user interface. Enter a city or cities and you get temperature and sky conditions on a colorful background.

    Swipe left and you see an extended five-day forecast with high/low temperatures. Tap on the forecast to view future wind conditions. Swipe to the right and view a graphical hourly forecast of temperatures and sky conditions. Tap once more, and rainfall predictions are displayed. Another tap provides wind predictions for the next several hours.

    Tapping on the main temperature logo displays sunrise and sunset times. Dragging down will let you add locations worldwide. You can also set temperatures and wind speeds to metric if you are not U.S. centric.

    Clima also supports notifications for severe weather, which is a plus. Swipe up to get the notifications feature, and you can decide what notifications you want to see: rain, high winds, snow or even temperature changes. You can even set the times that notifications are most important to you, a nice level of detailed control.

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    All in all, Clima is a nice weather app. It's easy to use, and was reliable in my extended testing. As pretty as it is, most of the screen is devoid of information, just filled with a color. I would have been just as happy to have had more information on each screen or have the ability to display more than one city at the same time.

    Still, Clima is a wonderful app. It competes with both the much-improved Apple weather app and the Yahoo app, which is what I generally use. People who want more detailed weather information will opt for something like WeatherBug.

    Cima is not a universal app, and it requires iOS 7 or later. It certainly brings some fresh ideas to the weather app genre, along with a nice sense of style.

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