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"NFL Now" service will be available as a dedicated channel on Apple TV, report claims


Back in January, the NFL announced a new personalized video service for fans dubbed NFL Now. The service promised to deliver to fans all the NFL content they can handle, including locker room interviews, player specific highlights, access to live press conferences, and even the ability to scour hundreds of hours of NFL archival footage.

NFL Now will be personalized for each fan's interests, allowing them to follow the NFL how they want, where they want, when they want. Users will indicate their favorite team, fantasy players and which videos they like and dislike. The content stream will dynamically personalize each user's viewing experience to deliver a customizable news, analysis and highlights offering for NFL fans around the world. Additionally, NFL Now will provide users with access to the deepest vault of on-demand NFL video content available anywhere.

When the service was initially introduced, the NFL said it would be available across Internet-connected devices. Now comes word via 9to5Mac that the service will be available to Apple TV users as a dedicated channel. What's more, the report claims that the app may launch as early as this week. Of course, the NFL has indicated that it will also be available on the App Store, so iPad and iPhone users will be able to get in on the action as well.

With the NFL pre-season already underway and NFL training camp news already a mainstay on SportsCenter, we can only hope that the app launches sooner rather than later.

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