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Square Enix bringing Chaos Rings 3 to mobile, Vita this year


A third entry in Media-Vision's mobile JRPG series Chaos Rings is due to launch for smartphones and the PS Vita in October in Japan, publisher Square Enix announced this week (via Gematsu).

Chaos Rings premiered for iOS devices in 2010, finding a niche with genre fans when JRPG-styled adventure games were still scarce in the App Store. A prequel, Chaos Rings Omega, and a sequel followed in the years afterward, and the original game was released for PlayStation Mobile-enabled devices (including the PS Vita) in 2013.

Chaos Rings 3 will be priced at 2,800 yen on mobile devices and 4,300 yen for PS Vita. A boxed, limited-edition Prequel Trilogy Special Edition is also coming to the PS Vita, confirming that the Vita version is a fully-fledged release for the platform and not a PlayStation Mobile port.

Chaos Rings 3 will launch in Japan on October 16. A North American release has not been announced.

[Image: Square Enix]

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