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Wasteland 2 slips to September, new beta released


InXile Entertainment revealed that its Kickstarter-funded open-world RPG Wasteland 2 is now "likely" due to launch in early September, pushing past a previously announced August release window.

InXile attributes the delay to fulfillment and shipping of backer pledge rewards, including game discs and physical bonuses. Today's announcement accompanies the release of a new beta version that introduces a mini-map feature, new audio cues, and a major gameplay rebalancing across all areas and encounters, among other additions.

Wasteland 2 backers have seen multiple beta releases following the game's Early Access launch late last year. Today's beta marks the team's "last code update before the game is finalized," according to project lead Chris Keenan.

"This has been a labor of love from the entire team and I'm incredibly proud with what they have achieved," Keenan said. "So much of their personalities are found around each corner in the game. We hope you enjoy the attention to detail in the world we all have created."

[Image: InXile Entertainment]

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