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Would you kindly consider BioShock on iOS?


Back when iOS gaming was still in its infancy, I recall seeing articles hypothesizing about a future where games would launch on home console and iOS on the same day. We're not there yet, but today's announcement of BioShock on iOS is an important step towards that eventual future.

2K Games has decided to port the 2007 first person shooter BioShock to iOS, in its entirety. That's a huge deal, considering BioShock is one of the most beloved games in its genre, and the game is still considered to be one of the prettier titles on PC and console.

I'll get my hands on the game as soon as humanly possible, but while the screenshots released so far are quite impressive, the framerate and overall polish are going to be the real selling points here. The game is slated to come out later this summer, and will only be playable on higher end iOS devices including the iPhone 5 (and later iPhones) and the iPad 4 (and later iPads).

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