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Humble Mobile Bundle 6 offers up Threes, Eliss Infinity, and more


Humble Mobile Bundle 6 is now live with a collection of six Android-compatible games, including Asher Vollmer's number-sliding puzzler Threes and Little Eyes' planet-fusing action game Eliss Infinity.

Pay any amount you wish for the pack and you'll get copies of Eliss Infinity, The Game Bakers' brawler Combo Crew Special Edition, and Kumobius' newly launched Duet. Beat the average (currently $3.56) and you'll also unlock Threes, Crescent Moon Games' mining-themed RPG Mines of Mars, and BulkyPix's episodic action-adventure game Lone Wolf.

Bundle proceeds benefit the Electronic Frontier Foundation and Child's Play. Humble Mobile Bundle 6 is available through August 19.

[Video: Humble Bundle]

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