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Ouya tutorials help you make a game in 20 minutes


With the right tools, Ouya says you can program and publish an Android game in just 20 minutes, and it's offering the online and in-console tutorials to make that happen. Ouya offers a how-to video on the console, accompanying instructions online, and the AIDE app for Ouya, which provides basic Android coding lessons.

"Most gamers have, at one point or another, considered making their own game – but don't follow through," Ouya developer relations head Kellee Santiago writes. "The process can be daunting due to lack of proper how-to information, they are intimidated by coding, or they just think it's just too hard overall. But it's not! Your friends at Ouya are here to show you that creating your own game is way easier than you think – and you can pick up valuable programming skills in the process."

The promise of developing and publishing your first game in less time than an episode of Bob's Burgers is bold, but apparently doable. We'll prep the headlines now: "The Next Big Game delayed by 20 minutes so developers can start and finish it."
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