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Future Windows 8 updates will happen on a monthly schedule


Lately, we've gotten accustomed not just to frequent Windows updates, but to pretty meaty ones, too. First there was Windows 8.1, which ushered in new apps, features and even the "return" (not really) of the Start Button. That was followed in April by another release that generally made the OS easier to use with a mouse and keyboard. Going forward, though, Microsoft is taking a different tack: The company is ditching milestone updates in favor of smaller monthly releases. (On a "no duh" note, this does not include entirely new operating systems, like Windows 9.) Lest you think none of these changes will be interesting, Microsoft also says the tweaks might include new features, in addition to UI tweaks and under-the-hood performance improvements. As is Microsoft's tradition, new versions of the OS will come out on "Update Tuesday," with the next one slated for August 12th, just a few days from now.

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