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September's Battlefield 4 update strengthens its core


The next update for Battlefield 4 is targeted for September, and focuses on core gameplay improvements, Dice revealed this week. Soldier movement in the game is being tweaked so it "closely matches the one in Battlefield 3, but without compromising the visual fidelity." Dice said the changes will make it easier to escape "undesirable firefights." The update will also clean up and "de-clutter" the game's HUD to "only show what is important." This will involve giving players more options to select what they want to see on the screen in battle.

The developer also focused on tuning vehicle and weapon balance and making revives easier to use. For instance, when reviving other players, a sound effect will play when the defribrillator paddles are fully charged. Dice also made improvements to the Rush, Obliteration, Obliteration Competitive, Capture the Flag and Carrier Assault game modes. Remember, those that don't have Battlefield 4 yet can play the game for free for one week through Origin.
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