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Surgeon Simulator plays doctor on Android tablets next week


Come August 14 - two days after its PlayStation 4 debut - Bossa Studios' hilariously gory Surgeon Simulator will spill blood on Android tablets, according to a new trailer.

If you've yet to experience Surgeon Simulator, think of it as a light-hearted glimpse into the daily life of the world's worst surgeon - you. Ostensibly the game simulates proper surgery, only thanks to overtly uncooperative controls, players portray a doctor who is either drunk, supernaturally clumsy or thinks blood-stained scrubs are a solid fashion statement. Most virtual doctors will kill more patients than they save, but performing surgery with the manual dexterity of a toddler is surprisingly engaging and a solid complement of in-game challenges keeps things fresh.

So far there's no official word on how much Surgeon Simulator will cost on Android, but if it falls in line with the iOS release, expect the game to feature a $6 price tag.
[Image: Bossa Studios]

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