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Welcome to Slices of Apple, an inside look at what makes Apple great


Fridays on TUAW just got more interesting. Every Friday over the next three months we'll run an episode from Slices of Apple, a documentary about some of the people, tools and processes inside Apple, Inc. We've got some great stories to tell that are not only interesting, but can actually help you build a better company and better products.

In this episode I'm going to frame the show a bit, taking us from the creation of the Golden Gate Bridge all the way to the new Bay Bridge's high-tech artwork. Apple was forged in the crucible of Silicon Valley and San Francisco, places with a rich history of design and engineering working together. Both bridges are good examples of design and engineering working together to solve big problems with style.

Next week we'll look a little closer at Apple's rise and fall, and talk to some front line workers. After that we'll be speaking to former Cupertino employees to hear what they did inside Apple to ensure the company shipped great products year after year.

Mobile YouTube version below:

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