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HTC's big, budget-minded Desire 816 phone reaches the US on August 12th


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If you've been intrigued by HTC's big-yet-affordable Desire 816, you no longer have to go through an importer to get one in the US. The 5.5-inch Android smartphone will be available through Virgin Mobile on August 12th for $299 contract-free. Nothing has changed apart from the support for Virgin's network, but that's not necessarily a bad thing -- while we're not fans of the cameras, the 816 is a good deal if you want a large display at a low price (and haven't scored a OnePlus One invitation). Don't despair if you want something smaller or cheaper, either. AT&T recently launched the 4.7-inch Desire 610 for $200 on prepaid GoPhone service (free on a regular contract), so you have at least one other option for a modern HTC phone if the One and One Remix are too rich for your blood.

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