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Now TV launches weekly Sky Sports passes for £10.99

Matt Brian, @m4tt

Good news, sports fans: Sky's finally decided to do something about the prohibitive cost of streaming your favorite sporting events on Now TV. Where before 24-hour access to Sky Sports would set you back a whopping £9.99, the company's new Sky Sports Week Pass offers access to all seven of its sports channels (including the new Sky Sports 5) over seven days for just for just a quid extra (£10.99) until November 27th. Launching on Thursday, it'll come just two days before the Premiership season kicks off, giving those without a Sky Sports subscription the chance to get their fill of sport. BT, of course, still offers access to its Premiership coverage for free (if you're a BT Broadband or Virgin Media subscriber), but with domestic football, access to extended European matches and the Ryder Cup building up its listings, Sky's new weekly pass is significantly better value, at least right now. The same can be said for the daily pass, which'll now cost you £6.99 (a saving of £3) until Sky ramps up the price ahead of the holidays.

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