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Apple unveils pair of new, more personal "Your Verse" ads


Following its previous "Your Verse" video ads -- which are closer to micro-documentaries than the TV spots you're used to seeing -- two new stories have been given the Apple treatment. The first, titled "Striking a new chord," follows a musical duo called Yaoband and how the pair uses Apple's tablet to make music in a new way.

The second, titled "Organizing a movement," shows how a Detroit resident and cycling enthusiast was able to grow his idea for a city-wide bike ride from a concept into an event that attracts thousands of participants. As you might expect, he uses his iPad to do everything from planning routes to updating social media with news of each ride.

Both videos have their own campaign pages with links to the subjects' favorite apps and more information about them and their "verses," which are definitely worth checking out.

[via The Loop]

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