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ArcheAge adds three servers for next round of closed beta testing


Trion Worlds is anticipating a flood of new players for the third ArcheAge closed beta test, saying that it expects the weekend event will be "four times" the size of the first test. The studio is sending out "hundreds of thousands" of email invites, noting that players will need a new CB3 invitation to participate and cannot rely on an old CB2 key for access.

The team is adding three new servers for CB3: two in North America and one in Europe. These servers will plug into the cross-server auction house that's shared by their associated regions.

ArcheAge's beta will "pick up right where it left off," as the devs promise that progress made during CB2 will be retained and characters will not be wiped. The beta test begins on August 14th and continues through August 18th.

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