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Bungie's first 'Destiny' expansion pack arrives this December

Brad Molen

We've still got a little under a month left before Destiny officially makes its way to consoles, but we already know a bit about Bungie's expansion plans. At a Sony Gamescom event, the company announced that its first expansion pack for multiplayer, The Dark Below, will be available to everyone this December. Of course, it wouldn't be a Sony-related event without some exclusive content, and Bungie didn't disappoint there: The new expansion will come with a map called Blue Exodus that's exclusive to PlayStation 4 users.

Additionally, Bungie also debuted a trailer showing off many of the game's Crucible multiplayer modes that will be available at launch, which you can replay below. There's Skirmish, which is a small-team (3v3) mode that encourages teamwork to survive; Rumble, which is you versus everyone; Salvage is a 3v3 mode in which you defend relics; Clash is similar to Skirmish, but each team is twice as large; Combined Arms is team warfare with vehicles; and Control is a zone defense mode. You can pre-order Destiny now or wait until September 9th, but these kinds of teasers aren't making the wait any easier on us.

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