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Peel doesn't need any extra hardware to make your iPhone a Dish and DirecTV remote


The ability to turn iPhones into remote controls is something Peel has done before, but this time out it's doing things slightly different. With its new iOS app, Peel now lets you use your iPhone, iPod touch and/or iPad as a smart remote for Dish Network and DirecTV boxes, without the need for additional hardware -- which was the case with the Fruit, a $99 peripheral the startup introduced about three years ago. Peel's iOS application isn't just a remote, however; it also comes with discovery features that bring you personalized recommendations on stuff you should watch. In addition to that, Peel acts as a TV guide too, allowing you to easily find shows or movies even if you're not a Dish or DirecTV subscriber. Peel Smart Remote and TV Guide is compatible with the Dish Hopper and Hopper with Sling (excluding some models), as well as any WiFi-equipped DirecTV box.

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