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    Sticking to the rules in Rules!

    Rules! for iOS is a very fun but challenging game about following and remembering rules in a sequence in order to clear a tiled board. A variable time limit adds excitement and ups the challenge. The game is compatible with all iOS devices running iOS 7.1 or later and costs US$1.99.

    The game works by presenting the player with the first rule which is to tap numbers in descending order. That's simple enough, but then a new rule is added: tap only green tiles. So clear the board of all green tiles (rule two) and then tap the rest of the tiles in descending order (rule one). From there, a third rule is added. Get it?

    Rules! Is a game that challenges your mind by testing your ability to remember the order of rules and recall that information quickly. You must also decipher which of the tiles matches the particular rule you are working on. There is the option to add color indicators, which may help some players distinguish tiles easier. However, I often times found the indicators were more confusing than helpful.

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    After several levels a new element is introduced: the birds, which signify playing the rules in reverse order. For instance, you start the game off by tapping tiles in descending order but after the birds are introduced, you tap tiles in ascending order. This switched up the gameplay and helped refresh the game.

    The tiles are also placed in the level in a random order so even though you will always be doing the same rules in order the tiles will differ in each level. This really keeps you on your toes and keeps the game from being stale.

    Bonuses are awarded if you follow each rule perfectly with no mistakes in the level or if you're speedy. When you complete a level, the immense feeling of accomplishment pushes to player to keep trying to achieve an even higher level and score.

    Rules! screenshot

    The music is pleasant but a bit repetitive. Sound effects add depth, however, the clicking sound when you tap a tile seemed a little out of place. The art style has a clean minimalistic feel with a few cartoonish characters.

    Rules! is very entertaining and the art style adds personality to the basic simple mechanics. The gameplay is also what make Rules! so addictive because the player will want to challenge themselves to beat their previous score and advance toward the next rule. Mindlessly tapping will not get you through this game, you have to be constantly thinking about what you are doing. The time limit helps reinforce this behavior.

    Rules! is a really well done puzzle game that challenges the player while still being fun and exciting. It is US$1.99 on the App Store and worth the download.

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