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Manchester United football team bans the iPad from its home stadium


Manchester United Football Club has banned the iPad and other tablet devices from Old Trafford Stadium. As reported by Manchester Evening News, the team sent an email to fans announcing this policy change ahead of its pre-season closer with Valencia and its season opener with Swansea City.

The prohibition applies to large electronic devices sized 150mm x 100mm or larger. The memo then goes on to name the iPad and other tablet devices as being one of the excluded devices.

"We want to make you aware of an update to our Club policy regarding home matches. Supporters cannot bring large electronic devices (bigger than 150mmx100mm) inside the stadium. For example, ipads or other tablet devices and laptops are now prohibited.

Also please be aware that large bags, large cameras and liquids (with the exception of a small bottle of water with the top removed) are included in our list of prohibited items."

No reason was provided for the exclusion of iPads from the stadium, but many suggest it may have been enacted to stop attendees from recording large portions of the matches.

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