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Uber makes it easier for riders, drivers to get to their destination


Even though Uber is in the middle of a ridesharing battle against competitor Lyft, that's not stopping the company from focusing to make its product better. With this in mind, Uber just announced a couple of new features that will improve the experience for riders and drivers alike, both on iOS and Android. For starters, the app now allows you to enter your destination as you're booking a ride, allowing the driver to easily see where you're going as soon as you step in the car. Drivers (who only use iPhones, by the way), on the other hand, can now see the destination you entered and use turn-by-turn navigation to get to it -- this is important to simplify the process, as it keeps every driver from having to manually input an address. More importantly, Uber says these updates bring it one step closer to its vision of "a day when there is no coordination necessary" to take a ride.

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