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Archie Comics app offers 100 free issues of classic fun


The world of comic books is often thought to just be the domain of dark gritty violence or melodramatic superhero fights, but there's another side of comics.: a fun-loving, thoughtful place we call Riverdale. It's the place where Archie lives. For decades Archie has made children and adults alike laugh with his screw-ups, adventures, and romances. Now thanks to Archie Comics new iOS app you can get your foot in the door with 100 free issues of classic Archie.

For a limited time, the all-new app is featuring 100 free comics from Archie's incredibly deep back catalog. It's a golden opportunity to get a taste of the wide range of storytelling thats possible from the simple premise of a group of lifelong friends and their adventures. There's romance, comedy, time travel, horror (yes, After Life with Archie is a zombie book), and the classic stories from the supermarket digests you loved as a child.

Best of all, you can read a few free issues of Life With Archie, the publisher's groundbreaking parallel reality series that follows how Archie's life would have been different if he'd married either Betty or Veronica. The title marks an almost Doonesbury-like acceptance of the importance of allowing comic characters to age, and it is incredible. Along with Life With Archie, the app also includes Kevin Keller #1 featuring the first gay character in the series history and his adventures as a teenager in the wholesome world of Riverdale High.

Archie Comics' new app is optimized for Retina display iOS devices and features an easy-to-navigate menu. Best of all, with over 100 free books to try out even if you're not interested in the more progressive titles in the series, there are plenty of classic titles to choose from like Sabrina the Teenage Witch or the old Archie Digests you used to pick up at the grocery store.

If you've never read an Archie book, you're missing out. The stories have never gotten as much credit as they deserve for their wholesome nature and honest to god wonderful humor. To some, these characters may seem too corny, but their basic archetypes are what allow them to so seamlessly fit into hundreds of different kinds of stories. You don't have to take our word for it. Go download yourself some free books and see for yourself while you still can.

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