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    Line Up Tiles is simple fun

    Line Up Tiles is a fun yet simple puzzle game where you try to match lines of tiles in three different modes. Reminiscent of how a Rubik's Cube moves, each line of tiles moves in one direction either horizontally or vertically. When you match at least three tiles of the same color, those tiles disappear and new tiles are added to the top of the board. The more tiles you match, the more points you get. Line Up Tiles is compatible with iOS devices running iOS 6.0 or later and is free.

    Three modes take the stage in Line Up Tiles: timed, moves, and endless. In the timed mode, players have 60 seconds to match as many lines of tiles as possible. It's fun to go up against the clock for a new high score. The moves mode gives the player just 30 moves to make as many matches as possible. It's more laid back as it isn't timed. Plus, you can focus more on making big combinations for lots of points. Finally, endless mode starts with 60 seconds on the clock. You can earn more time by making matches. I found this to be the most exciting way to play.

    The only downsides of Line Up Tiles is that there is an ad that stays at the bottom of the screen permanently. It's mildly distracting, but doesn't affect gameplay. The slide tiles control sometimes causes problems because your finger moves over the tile you are trying to line up and overshoot the tile's location.

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    The art style is very clean and resembles a basic color chart with bright colors and clean separation between the tiles. There is no music, which is a little weird. The sound effects in the game are a nice addition and fills in the atmosphere of the game with game show style sounds. There is also Game Center integration so you can compete against friends to try and get the highest score possible.

    Line Up Tiles is a very simple and clean puzzle game that offers players challenges in three different modes. There is even the option to challenge friends to beat their high score. This game is great for spending a few minutes of downtime during lunch or a break. Line Up Tiles is available on the App Store for free and I would recommend it for people who need something fun to play in short bursts.

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